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Classic, timeless and fully adaptable, our Photo Booth enclosures remain a popular choice and are the only one of its kind in the midwest. Enclosed photo booths provide privacy for your guests.

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Privacy for your guests

Giving guests a bit of privacy, Vogue Events can curate the perfect backdrop to your venue at the event or occasion, utilising our comprehensive range of Photo Booth Enclosures. Customize the fronts of these to fit your colors, theme or vision. Use on of our current themes: VIP Booth, Party Booth, Holiday, Hollywood, Wedding, Birthday or create a custom design for your branding! 


Our Vogue Enclosures are amazing, holding 14+ guests and are handicap accessible photo booths! Our enclosures can be added to most all of our photo experiences.
Prices begin at $125 per event.

Our Options

The Party Booth Enclosure

Birthday to Bar Mitzvah, Prom to Graduation Party, this is the booth for you.

Holding 14+ guests, there’s a ton of fun to be had with all the great props Vogue Events provides.

We make it a real show with all the excitement inside the booth broadcast to a monitor for guests in line to enjoy! 

With Vogue Events custom graphics, get set to create maximum excitement and even add your logo, birthday name, anniversary name, etc, to the front of the party booth enclosure and create real impact.

Totally customized to reflect you and your event, the Party don’t start till the Party Booth Enclosure is in the building!

The VIP Booth Enclosure

Make everyone feel like the ultimate VIP with this Booth.

Vogueing has never been easier and every user will feel like a celebrity as they step onto the red carpet and approach the VIP Booth Enclosure. 

Vogue events will create custom graphics for the Booth exterior that will drive interest and draw a crowd. 

Holding 12+ users, every guest gets a VIP from following their session in the booth and walks away feeling like a million dollars.

The Hollywood Booth Enclosure

Glitz, glamour and the ultimate Vogue Hollywood experience await you when you choose this amazing experience.

Treat your guests as they will feel like Hollywood Star Royalty at a premier party as they walk the red carpet and immerse themselves in the VIP lifestyle. 

Choose from Vogue Photo Events graphics including paparazzi taking photos; flashing light bulbs going off; the distinctive HOLLYWOOD sign; stanchions with red ropes and even a Red-Carpet Runway!!

If all out glamour and drama is your Vogue, then this is the choice for you.

The Wedding Booth Enclosure

Getting married. Look no further.

Beautifully designed, this elegant enclosed booth features gorgeous graphics that will elevate your reception venue.

Holding 14+ guests, you can get every loved one in on the action for group shots and stunning selfies.

With props galore this is sure to be a hit at your reception. And even better, we offer a monitor so everyone waiting for their selfie moment can watch all the fun and excitement inside the booth!

The Wedding Booth Enclosures

Add an extra loving touch with these beautiful heart graphics. And go one step further and let Vogue Weddings include the bride and groom’s names and wedding date on bespoke heart graphics we can create just for you. 

The happy couple gets to keep the heart graphic with your scrapbook and all the digital copies of the wonderful wedding selfies!

The White Leather Retro Style Wedding Booth

Retro lovers will revel in the White Leather look Booth. Its classy elegant and amazing in style.

And no one can miss the booth as Vogue Events will light it up with LED lighting. 

Up to five people can use the booth choosing to capture themselves in color, sepia, black and white, or a mixture of all three.

With old-school photo strips available in just 10 seconds, your guests will love this retro style sit down booth.


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Vogue brought their Roamer to our family Christmas party. Attendant Rex was great. We had a lot of fun, and we are happy to have the photo memories of our event.

– Kay Auxier Horwath –

Amber is amazing to work with. Booth is so much fun and very easy to use. Can't wait to have them at oir next party.

– Yesenia Torres –

Thanks Amber for bringing the photo both to the TNA partty, it was lots of fun, really bought people together. Really cool memory and keepsake maker.

– Paul Steinbock –




We have over 25 years of photography experience and began shooting fashion, model, weddings and beaudoir photography.


Vogue Experiences

The Vogue units are one part of our service, the experiences are what is the icing on the cake! Show your guests that you didnt leave any detail out and show them how important their experience is.


Vogue Corporate

Vogue Corporate gets under the skin of your business and translate your objectives into reality using photo experiences.


Vogue Weddings

Vogue is always changing and it is different for each person. You are unique, your day is special, your photo experience should reflect you and your future spouse.



Vogue Photo Events introduces our photo mosaic division with interactive mosaic art works. Whether it is a physical, digital or social mosaic, Vosaics has a photo mosaic option perfect for your event.

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