The Glow

Digitlal Light party booth

Set the mood, light up the party and give your guests their moment in the spotlight. Our LED glow light booth is color adjustable and the glow offers boomerang GIF  & Glamour booths too!

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Take the best Digital group pictures

Every eye will be drawn to the halo of light that surrounds the Glow. And once they step towards the fun, every user will be captivated with digital photo party fun.

This affordable but power packed ipad photo unit fits well in small spaces and can offer text,email or social media delivery as well as added remote print station when desired.

Vogue Events will work with you to create the perfect color scheme to reflect your event theme, corporate colors or simply to set the mood.

Users absolutely love the glow treatment, which leaves everyone feeling like the ultimate VIP.

The Glow isn’t just for selfies, guests can create their own GIFs & Boomerangs that they can share straight to social media.



“We loved the GLOW at our family Christmas party. The Lights were festive and even great grandma got  in the booth and used lots of the fun props! Thank you so much Vogue.”


In-Home holiday party Ralston, Nebraska

The Glow Magic

A Vogue Engagement Ambassador will be on hand to help every user get the very best out of the Glow and leave them wanting more.

Vogue Events will work with you to fully customize the experience, creating branded templates, a bespoke user experience and so much more.

Be You. Be Vogue. Get in touch today and let us make your Vogue a reality.



  • Open Air Style & Great for Groups
  • Area needed:  ideal: 10×10   min: 8×8
  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Delivery: text/email, SM, Remote print station
  • Capable of: Photo, Video, GIF,  Boomerang, Green Screen, Enclosures,  Outdooors
  • Custom Templates  and skins available
  • Brandable Skin Covers and modern acrylic front
  • Fits: 10+ guests


Vogue brought their Roamer to our family Christmas party. Attendant Rex was great. We had a lot of fun, and we are happy to have the photo memories of our event.

– Kay Auxier Horwath –

Amber is amazing to work with. Booth is so much fun and very easy to use. Can't wait to have them at oir next party.

– Yesenia Torres –

Thanks Amber for bringing the photo both to the TNA partty, it was lots of fun, really bought people together. Really cool memory and keepsake maker.

– Paul Steinbock –

Our Services


We have over 25 years of photography experience and began shooting fashion, model, weddings and beaudoir photography.

Vogue Experiences

The Vogue units are one part of our service, the experiences are what is the icing on the cake! Show your guests that you didnt leave any detail out and show them how important their experience is.

Vogue Corporate

Vogue Corporate gets under the skin of your business and translate your objectives into reality using photo experiences.

Vogue Weddings

Vogue is always changing and it is different for each person. You are unique, your day is special, your photo experience should reflect you and your future spouse.


Vogue Photo Events introduces our photo mosaic division with interactive mosaic art works. Whether it is a physical, digital or social mosaic, Vosaics has a photo mosaic option perfect for your event.

Let's Create Something New For Your Event. A Custom Photo Experience.


Please send us some info so we can begin planning a stellar experience.

Your event is special and a cookie cutter photo booth just wont do!

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