Grad Strong 2020 Project

Vogue has been a part of so many of your life milestones and special occasions. We too are feeling the restraints of social distancing with the current coronavirus restrictions necessary to keep us all safe.

Your weddings, graduations, proms and birthdays have always held a special place in our hearts.
Vogue Photo Events has always provided amazing out of the box experiences for our corporate clients and now, we want to bring these to our community.

We love the communities that we have been a part of with special events.

Let’s pivot our usual party life to a new Virtual Party! Lets share so stay at home joy, shelter at home creativity and some living in history FUN!
Due to the rise of the COVID-19 Pandemic


Vogue wanted to give back to the Graduating Classes of 2020.

Vogue is not only going to be doing the Vosaic, but any donations or premium pictures placed a portion of the proceeds will go to an Alumni fund for that school’s graduating class.

What We Are Doing To Support The Classes of 2020

We appreciate all the high school seniors of 2020 for their sacrifice to slow the spread of the COVID-19 and think they can still have some at home fun and stay engaged,

We know the Seniors of 2020 are missing out on the all the experiences and formalities we have come acustomed to. We know proms and parties and ceremonies are going to be changed.

Vogue is ready to give the GRAD CLASS OF 2020 something other classes did not get… something new something totally modern! VIRTUAL VOGUE Party Experiences.

This can be even more cool, cause hey, what about all those last 12 years of schooling? What about those memories?

Vogue would like to help immortalize these memories with a Vosaic Vogue Photo Mosaic for your graduating class of 2020.

A Vosaics Photo Mosaic is a fun way to capture memories through photos. These photos from your class will be entered into our state of the art programs that will create specific color algorithms and callibrations to select the perfect spot to be a part of the BIG PICTURE PARTY. The final master artwork is your GRAD CLASS OF 2020 VOSAIC.

This process and experience is usually used for our corporate clients with large budgets. We want to spread some cheer and keep you engaged with your school. There is still lots to smile about!

What We Need From You to Make This Happen?

Simple, we just need pictures of your graduating senior. While we recommend at least one close up photo (like a senior photo) we also encourage photos from senior year events and candids. These can be pictures with friends, pictures when they were younger, any photo you cherished from these last 12 years of school days. What are you doing now during shelter at home?

You can submit your images by clicking the button below and submitting the form or opting for the premium picture selection at a small fee, as mentioned previously, a portion of any proceed will go back to the child’s graduating class alumni fund. Once submitted through the form, you will be sent a link that provides you with the draft mosaic image so you can check back periodically to see it come to life.

We will also provide the link on this page a little later to ensure those who want to visit can watch it come to life.

Vogue feels this will be a great way to help these seniors in the graduating class of 2020 be honored for their sacrifice of missing out on a lot of memories, all to keep you, your parents, and friends safe from infection. Stay Strong. Stay Vogue.

We encourage people to follow us on instagram and spread the word. @omahavogue    Interested in a virtual party for your senior and their graduation year or birthday?  Call us today! 402-321-5094-local or 1-833-66VOGUE