Hedge Wall Wedding Fun

When we got the referral for another amazing Vogue Enchanted Mirror event we stepped up with a smile. Former guests from other events who have such a blast, love to send people our way. When Kylynn called we were thrilled. She wanted a simple look with naturals and whites. Then decided she wanted to add the hedge wall! Her photos looked great. Thanks to our friends at the Omar, the backdrop looked great!  Nick and Kylynn were great to work with and so fun when showing their “vogue”.  Vogue can help with any of your visions or help give ideas for stellar photo fun! Whether is a 3D backdrop opp or one of our amazing graphic tension backdrops, Vogue is the ONLY place to go for the best fun and engagement!   Our very own WOO man was requested for this event and now for another from a guest who was there. Don’t settle for cheap when you and your guests deserve top notch service!